The legal expenses will require true believers in justice and can see the injustice of what has happened. As many of you know, who have followed this case from the beginning, our fund-raising on gofundme,com was pulled because of reverse discrimination. This website hypocritically allows clients who committed real crimes in Ferguson, MO, to raise […]

Personal Restraint Petition pp. 34-43

obvious and important questions, the answers to which undermined the defense case. Having demonstrated both deficient performance and resulting prejudice, Monschke is entitled to relief. PROSECUTORS ENGAGED IN MISCONDUCT WHEN THEY CALLED CRITICAL PROSECUTION WITNESSES KNOWING THEY HAD CONCOCTED A FALSE STORY TO OBTAIN FRYE’S EARLY RELEASE. A prosecutor’s knowing presentation of perjured testimony is […]

Declaration of Barbara Corey

  The following was attached to Kurtis’ Personal Restraint Petition, which was rejected by court.  However, it should be noted that Barbara Corey was the lead prosecutor at Kurtis’ trial and she lost her job when she accused her own office of prosecutorial misconduct, which she brought lawsuit against the prosecutor’s office for and was […]

Update from Kurtis 8-19-14

Kurtis would like to extend his gratitude for the support and feedback from a recent broadcast aired 7-26-14 on William Finck’s christogenea.org You can also listen to an audio version of facts concerning the trial in a synopsis of the trial transcripts of testimony: http://kinsmanredeemer.com/kurtis-monschke-story-part-2 Kurtis said, “If people have questions, they can can write […]

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