David Pillatos direct by Mr. Bauer

DAVID PILLATOS — Direct by Mr. Bauer, May 18, 2004

Volume 29, page 2095

Q. And Tristain’s were. So the boots that Scotty was wearing were burned?

A. Yeah.

Q. Whose boots was Kurtis wearing that night, do you know?

A. Scotty’s.

Q. Why was he wearing Scotty’s?

A. Scotty had messed up his, ripped them up somehow. So Kurtis told him to give them to him.

Q. Would you recognize Scotty’s boots if you saw them?

A. Yeah.

Q. I’m showing you what’s been marked Plaintiff’s Exhibit 18. Do you recognize these?

A. Yeah.

Q. What are they?

A. Steel—toed boots.

Q. Who did they belong to?

A. Scotty.

Q. Are these the boots that Kurtis was wearing that night?

A. Yeah.

Q. Why didn’t those boots get burned? Do you know?

A. Kurtis never kicked the guy. There was not any blood on them.

Q. Now, was Scotty Butters —— whose boots was Scotty Butters wearing that night?

A. Kurtis‘.

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