Det. John Ringer cross by Mr. Bauer

DETECTIVE JOHN RINGER — Continuing Cross by Mr. Bauer, May 17, 2004

Volume 28 page 1938

Q. Was that Mr. McAdam?

A. I don’t know who examined those. He was involved in some of the examinations.

Q. These were carefully examined, correct?

A. I’m assuming they took great care, yes.

Q. No blood was found on them either, correct?

A. No, not that I’m aware of.

Q. Now, you interviewed Scotty Butters at length?

A. I interviewed him several times.

Q. I think you said 6 to 10 hours of interviews?

A. Okay.

Q. You separately asked him questions about the boots, correct?

A. There were questions asked, yes.

Q. You asked him who was wearing those boots on the night of the homicide, correct?

A. There was conversation along those lines, yes.

Q. You in fact asked him that question more than one time, did you not?

A. I think he volunteered information as to who was wearing his boots, yes.

Q. Who was wearing these boots?

A. He said that Kurtis Monschke was wearing his new boots that night.

Q. These boots right here, correct?

Volume 28, page 1939

A. I believe the indications were that those were the boots he was talking about.

Q. So these boots with no blood on them were worn by Kurtis Monschke, were worn on the night of the homicide, correct?

A. According to Scotty Butters.

Q. This is what he said in Detroit, correct?

A. I believe there was some of that in Detroit, yes.

Q. This was also said in a taped interview later on that you engaged in with him, correct?

A. There was a taped interview that was engaged in in Detroit and also one that was taken back here.

Q. And there was some —— wasn’t there in fact an additional interview where he also indicated that these boots were worn by Kurtis Monschke?

A. I wasn’t present for the additional one.

Q. But he’s certainly always been consistent on that, correct?

A. As far as I recall, he was consistent.

Q. You took David Pillatos, when you arrested him, you took him on —— he took you on a bit of a tour, correct?

A. He did.

Q. To the different locations where he had spray—painted graffiti, correct?

A. No. It wasn’t so much the graffiti. It had to do with

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