Tristain Frye redirect by Mr. Greer

TRISTAIN FRYE, Redirect by Mr. Greer, 5/20/04

page 2482


Q With regard to the letter that was just discussed, 10 what did you mean?

A I mean that he wasn’t the one that initiated the attack; he was not the one who started it. He came upon it. He hadn’t —— no idea what was going to happen.

Q And do you recall the rest of that letter?

A Yes, I do.

Q At what point —— you said it was a few months after you were incarcerated; is that correct?

A Yes.

Q Why did you choose that point in time to write that letter to Mr. Monschke?

A One of his friends had came into the unit that I was in, and she had said he had been getting death threats and other such like mail, and my heart went out to him.

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