Amy Gingrich cross by Mr. Bauer

AMY GINGRICH, Cross by Mr. Bauer – 5/13/04

page 98

A: I don’t remember for sure.

Q: Do you recall seeing graffiti down in that that said “Temper” and “Twisst”?

A: Yeah, uh-huh.

Q: Did you associate that graffiti with him?

A: No, not at all.

Q: But that’s the graffiti that appeared there some three weeks earlier, I think you said?

A: Yeah.

Q: And this tattoo actually says “Try Me”?

A: I don‘t know what that means, but okay.

Q: But he was doing the talking. The guy named Scott was also doing the talking, correct?

A: Yeah.

Q: And he was down here, right?

A: (Witness nods affirmatively.)

Q: You also indicated that they were the guys bats, correct?

A: Yeah.

Q: And they were doing the talking, guys with the bats, correct?

A: I think so, yeah.

Q: And the third guy didn’t say —

A: The third guy didn’t bother me.

Q: He didn’t bother you?

page 99

A: No. He was just, like, standing over by me. I didn’t feel intimidated by him.

Q; You did not feel intimidated by the third guy. Now, when they left —— this was a fairly brief encounter up there?

A: Uh—huh. (Affirmative response.)

Q:Just a moment or two?

A: Yeah.

Q: When they left, they walked down that embankment?

AA: Yeah.

Q: And they hung a left, correct? Yeah.

A: Yes.

Q:That’s going up towards the Stanley and Seaforts restaurant?

A: Yeah. Yes, yes.

Q: Which is away from where the body was found?


Q: Correct?

A: Yes.

Q: So they went further up those tracks? Probably to the next embankment, which is right next door to us. Up that way there’s some pretty artistic and fancy graffiti?

A: Yeah, beautiful.

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