Terence McAdam redirect by Mr. Berneburg

TERENCE MCADAM — Redirect by Mr. Berneburg, May 11, 2004

Volume 24, page 1512

Q. Were A. Just they all at 90 degrees?

A. Just checking my notes. The majority of those were indeed 90 degrees, correct.

Q. In other words, this pair of pants, whoever was wearing this pair of pants would have had to have been close enough, within 1 to 6 feet to get blood there, but we can’t say however it got there?

A. That’s correct.

Q. It could have been from someone else striking?

A. Yes. As I indicated in previous testimony, the fact that there’s blood on this person’s pants, the exact mechanism, someone else may have done it. All I know is they vicinity to get airborne blood on their pants

Q. Would it be fair to say in your experience that if a bloody body is being struck by objects, that the closer you are to that body being struck by objects, the more likely you are to get blood on you?

A. Yes.

Q. Would it be fair to say that the more time3s a body is struck, the more likely the clothes are to get blood on them?

A. Yes.

Q. Okay. Would it be fair to say that if a body is struck a lot of times and somebody is close, it’s also likely that all of the items of clothes will have blood on them assuming they’re exposed?

Volume 24, page 1513

A. Yes. I think that’s correct, yes.

Q. As to the boots, you say that boots could be cleaned off, but you also — did I also understand you to say you would see some indications of cleaning?

A. No. I’ve said there are times when I examine boots that I’ve seen indications of cleaning. That’s not a prerequisite for me.

Q. Did you see any cleaning on these boots?

A. No, I did not.

Q. You still didn’t find any blood. Did you see any indications of polishing?

A. No. It looked to be the original finishing on them. I didn’t see any polishing taking place.

Q. Would you say that leather would hold blood better than other surfaces like, let’s say, glass or plastic or something?

A. Yes. Leather is kind of partially porous and can indeed retain blood a little longer than other surfaces. That would be correct.

Q. It would be harder to. You couldn’t just wipe it away. Would it be harder to make it go away?

A. Blood by nature is something which people know, if you’re in a normal domestic situation, once it gets on something and dries, it’s quite difficult to remove.

Q. That’s why they call it a “stain”?

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