Terry Hawkins cross by Mr. Bauer

TERRY HAWKINS — Cross by Mr. Bauer, May 10, 2004

Volume 23, page 1273

lot of hollering, you know, talking and stuff, as I look, I stand here looking, I seen some people. I seen three people, 3 what looked like they were just kicking dust up”?

A. Mm—hm. (Replies affirmatively.)

Q. Okay. You’ve underlined “I seen three people there,” correct?

A. Yes.

Q. And you marked on the side “four,” correct?

A. Right.

Q. Is that because you actually saw four people down under 11 there that you marked that?

A. I seen —— there was four people down there.

Q. How many people did you see —

A. But I seen three people around the body kicking and 15 beating the body.

Q. You only saw three people kicking dust and whatnot around the body, right?

A. Yes. ,

Q. The same here I seen three people, I seen they were just kicking dust up. That’s really true, isn’t it? A. Yes.

Q. You didn’t see four people kicking, did you?

A. No.

Q. You saw three people kicking?

A. Right.

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