Update from Kurtis 8-19-14

Kurtis would like to extend his gratitude for the support and feedback from a recent broadcast aired 7-26-14 on William Finck’s christogenea.org

You can also listen to an audio version of facts concerning the trial in a synopsis of the trial transcripts of testimony: http://kinsmanredeemer.com/kurtis-monschke-story-part-2

Kurtis said, “If people have questions, they can can write me.  I am an open book and I would be happy to offer full disclosure and would even enjoy the inquiries.”  Kurtis can be contacted at the following address:

Kurtis Monschke #98258-011

United States Penitentiary – Allenwood

PO Box 3000

White Deer, PA     17887

We have had many inquiries as to how people can help financially.  We had some concerns about PayPal and have found an alternative, which should be on this website shortly.  There is also a change in plans from the National Clemency Project to a West Coast attorney who specializes in clemency cases.  We need to raise the same exact amount, a nominal $1500, to pay for his services.  Please be patient with our slow pace of disseminating information about Kurtis’ case, but our efforts are an all-volunteer force that are deeply concerned about this travesty of justice.  It took awhile to retype all of the trial transcripts, which are now ready to upload and should appear soon for the undeniable facts of the case.  The petitions are also being worked on.  Thanks and spread the word:  free Kurtis Monschke!


Updated: August 19, 2014 — 6:45 pm

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