New Mode of Making a Donation and Update 10-23-14


As of October 11, 2014, we were informed by our online fund-raising apparatus,, that our account was removed due to “a violation of Terms and Conditions,” of which they did not specify.

I thus replied via email:

Dear Customer Happiness Department, [that’s what they actually call themselves]

I am befuddled as to why our account was terminated.  Could you please specify exactly what the problem was?  There are 35 things not allowed, none of which pertain to our cause of funding a clemency attorney to free a man from life imprisonment for something he did not do.  That was the only criteria for using your service.  You have either been misinformed by some third party or have some unwritten policy that individuals under your employ can exercise selective discrimination.  If you were informed about this case, you would know that the lead prosecutor, Barbara Corey, sued the Prosecutor’s Office for prosecutorial misconduct, saying the case was not tried for criminal reasons, but was entirely political and she subsequently won a $3 million settlement.  It appears that Mr. Monschke is being tried again for the political agenda that represents. 

In any event, if there is no appeal process, please remit the funds raised up to the termination date on 10-11-14 to Mark Downey.


Mark Downey

Of course, Kurtis is dismayed at this development, but has complete confidence in alternative methods, which will eliminate politically correct middlemen. From now on all contributions can be sent to:

Mark Downey

PO Box 436

Alexandria, KY


Please make out checks or money orders to Mark Downey; if sending cash, secure in aluminum foil wrap. All funds will go directly to the cause of clemency for Kurtis Monschke until the goal of $1500 is reached.

Now that Kurtis has exhausted all legal remedies, he is now being sent back to the original jurisdiction in Washington State. He is no longer in White Deer, PA and has been moved to Kansas and then Nevada and is currently in SeaTac Detention Center in Seattle awaiting his new assignment at a state facility. We will post his new address as soon as it is available.

Thank you for your encouraging letters and emails, which have been forwarded to Kurtis. Special thanks to those who have contributed thus far, which total $185.

Our next big hurdle is putting the petition for clemency online and hopefully gather thousands of concerned citizens appeal to the governor of Washington State. The formal document for clemency is what we are raising funds for, which will pay a clemency attorney specializing in this field of endeavor to do.

Above all else, Kurtis appreciates your prayers and spreading the truth about his case. Social networking is still a key to generating public interest in his case and request your activism to spread the news. Here is his Facebook link to help his clemency drive, for those so inclined:


Updated: October 23, 2014 — 7:31 pm

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