Kurtis Monschke direct by Mr. Bauer

KURTIS MONSCHKE – Direct by Mr. Bauer, May 24, 2004

Volume 33, page 2797

Q. when you get to the apartment, what happens in the apartment?

A. Well, I had been wearing Scotty’s boots.

Q. Okay. Let me show you what’s been marked Plaintiff’s Exhibit No. 18 and admitted as such. This is a pair of boots, correct?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you recognize these boots?

A. Yes, I do.

Q. Tell the jury about what the deal with these boots was?

A. Those boots are Scotty’s boots. Scotty was doing Labor Ready work. I had let him wear my boots, and he had really scuffed them up at work and stuff. When he showed up at my house that night, he was wearing brand spanken new boots. I told him he should let me wear his new boots, since he scuffed up mine so much. It took him a while, but he finally agreed to let me wear them. But when I got back to the apartment —

Q. Where were you wearing these boots?

A. Yes, I was wearing the boots.

Q. The whole time you’re up under the bridge and whatnot?

A. Yes, the whole time.

Q. What happened when you got back to the apartment?

A. I was going to take off my boots because I didn’t want to track in any mud‘and stuff. When I was taking those-off,


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  1. Kurtis and I correspond long distance as penpals. I look forward to his letters. We discuss many topics including our Christian faith. Kurtis studies much on his own and has much to share. This is his mailing address:
    KURTIS MONSCHKE #98258-011
    PO BOX 3000
    WHITE DEER, PA 17887-3000

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