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  1. I see no real evidence to suggest that Kurtis is in fact guilty of murdering this poor innocent man. He has spent a massive portion of his life behind bars based on the fact that he may not be guilty of this crime at all. Absolutely absurd, and I am so glad that in my country we have much fairer laws than in the States. Holding extreme views DO NOT make you a murderer!
    A typical case of corruption.

  2. Hi Kurtis,

    We’re sorry to hear of your plight and we declare your complete success in being released from prison. Recently, we listened to Andrew Wommack’s teaching on Paul’s Secret To Happiness (Sept 15, 2014) and we thought that you might enjoy listening to it as well. Andrew is non-CI but he is real. Here is a link to the teaching:


    Feel free to check out our website. There’s lots of teachings there. If you register as a member, you can network with our little membership and help us build our forums. Here’s a link:


    Warm regards,

    John MacCarta and Family
    Christian Identity Canada

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