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A long overdue report on the status of Kurtis Monschke. After 10 long years in the Federal prison system and unimaginable persecution, Kurtis has returned to his original jurisdiction in Washington state. In spite of all the hurdles the government made to impede his appeal process, all legal remedies were exhausted. That leaves the last option of clemency and once again the impediments are formidable. It goes without saying, unless you are not at all familiar with his case, that Kurtis is an innocent man by virtue of two simple facts, 1. at trial it was established that he was a mile away from the crime scene and that witnesses testified to the fact that others committed the crime and 2. the lead prosecutor at trial filed a lawsuit against her own office and bosses for prosecutorial misconduct and won a $1 million judgment.

Kurtis has made the best of his time earning dozens of certificates of achievement in a variety of educational opportunities. He has spent way too many periods of time in solitary confinement, not for breaking any rules, but because of his religious beliefs in Christian Identity. Yes, it really does happen in America.

But, most recently Kurtis got involved in a dog training program and excelled incredibly. He is now 1 of 128 Certified Behavior Adjustment Training Instructors (CBATIs) on the entire planet. Everything about Kurtis’ life in prison for the last 12 years points to a well adjusted achiever who truly cares not only for the canine world, but his fellow man.

The following letter I received from him recently is unfortunately more typical than atypical in the way he is treated. Because he is pursuing his last hope for release through clemency, certain individuals are making his life hell by trying to transfer him to one of the oldest and worst prisons in Washington. There was such an outpouring of public response that the transfer was canceled. However, that did not stop his persecutors and they have now accused him of being a gang leader. As a result he was thrown into Solitary Confinement. Here is the letter with some editing, removing certain names to protect antagonists and protagonists.

“Things have not improved for me. I had a hearing today, I presented a written statement of my defense so that my words are not improperly recorded and I presented a large number of questions for different involved parties. So he continued the hearing until he reviews the questions and gets answers to them. Then he will hold a hearing at a later date. [that means Kurtis stays in ‘the hole” until the new hearing]

“So this is what I know so far: they’ve charged me with ordering two assaults, charged me with those assaults and charged me with Security Threat Group [STG i.e. gang-related]. The guys who committed the assaults, I have almost no interaction with; I only see them in passing. One of the victims *********** is a friend of mine of over 20 years and if I had even been aware of an assault on him I would have tried to prevent it. The source of this information is from Confidential Informants who work for Sergeant ******. ****** is the investigator, so it’s not surprising that he brought the charges. I believe he is the one who sneakily tried to get me transferred to Walla Walla. This plan was thwarted when everyone called Olympia [the state capitol] headquarters for state prisons. So this was his plan B.

“Keep in mind that this ****** is not an STG expert or STG investigator. The expert in the prison is called I&I (Information & Investigations) and the investigators name is Mr. *******. A big question is why isn’t the one trained to do this the one investigating? It’s *******’s job to handle the STG stuff. My investigator talked to ******* and he said he does not support this investigation. That should be a huge red flag that this whole thing is of a personal nature, not a factual one.

“Sgt. ****** hates my clemency efforts, he hates that I’m in the dog program, he hates that I’m in any of the classes or programs I’m in, because he thinksit sends a wrong message; he’s said as much to me and stated it blatently to others.

“I volunteer my time as a Step-up Group member where I teach Release Readiness to soon-to-be released prisoners; and I teach focus on freedom and Relapse Prevention in the Intensive Transition Program; inmates that are trying to transition out of the hole and leave old lifestyles behind. Those are mostly gang-related (STG) people who I help to break the cycle of STG involvement and violence.

“I also make bears and burn leather art for the Bears Behind Bars program for prisoners and staff fundraisers. I also teach Creative 101 acrylic painting. I don’t get paid to do this. On top of this I’m in the dog program, having superior achievements; one of seven in prison history to become a Certified BAT Instructor. All of my work evaluations say “superior”, and I’m in college classes at night, and non-violent communications. I don’t have time to pursue a career as a prison gang lord, and my activities are not indicative of someone interested in being a prison gang lord.

“I am keeping the faith and fighting the good fight, but I do have a prayer request. The hole right now is gloomy and a discouraging place. I would like to receive some letters, short messages, post cards or cards with words of encouragement. I am stout hearted, but I feel pretty alone right now. I’m not asking people to write me, , but to pray that people will choose to write me. I have to go and I’m almost out of paper. Take care and God bless.”

Kurtis Monschke #871510
Clallam Bay Correction Center
1830 Eagle Crest Way
Clallam Bay, WA 98326



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